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Q:  Do you believe in god?
A:  Absolutely! And I also believe that if your current religious beliefs are satisfying your spiritual needs, then more power to you.  I do not change anyone’s opinion or beliefs in that regard as that is not my job nor intention.

Q:  What is a Lightworker?
A:  Metaphysically there seems to be many definitions out there as to what a Lightworker is.  To me, being a conscious person who works at sharing the love and light that God gives us all, toward the good of all humanity, is a Lightworker.

Q:  What is the best way to contact you for a reading?
A:  Either email me with “Reading” in the subject line or call me during the hours of 9 am to 7 pm (mtn. time).  After I contact you, we will set a date and time for the reading and you will mail me a check.  I will call you at our scheduled time and date.
Q:  How often can I get a reading?
A:  I feel it is important to let time pass between readings.  I do not recommend getting a reading more than every 3 months.  If you had a reading, and further answers are needed, you may contact me for brief questioning.

Q:  What do I need to know or do before I get a reading?
A:  I ask that you be open to what may come through.  Many times people have a specific question or questions that need answered and usually they will be addressed during a session, if not you will have a chance to ask those not already answered.  Since I just connect up with your energy and my guides, I have no control what may come through.  Many times what you need to hear and what you want to hear are two very different things, that’s why it is important to be open and just let the process happen.  Please be ready to take notes during the reading.

Q:  Do you take credit cards?
A:  At this time, credit card processing and/or Paypal is not an option but may be available in the future.  Checks, bank checks or cashier’s checks are the preferred method.

Q:  Why aren’t you listed in the Directory of Practioner’s page on the Dr. Pearl website?
A:  After spending several hundred dollars learning his incredible healing technique I feel personally that I do not need to spend an additional $90 -$135 to advertise my name  ONLY on his website.  I have the certification paperwork to show anyone who inquires about it.

Q:  I’d like to take a class from you but you don’t live in my area, do you do tele-classes or anything over the internet?
A:  I sometimes travel through out the country, so depending on where you live I may be in an area where you can participate in a class or workshop.  If there are enough participants in an area that would like a class or workshop done for them, or would like to host one, contact me to see what can be arranged. At this point in time, tele-classes or internet classes are not being developed.   Keep checking the website because in the near future, week-end retreats will be an option to participate in.