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Body Scanning:
This is a combination of intuitive abilities and energy work.  The person is body scanned for emotional and health issues.  Sometimes we keep old injuries within our energy field and over the course of time can develop into illness.  The body scan can also detect existing or possible problematic areas of concern.  This can be done in person or over the phone.  $45, takes ½ hour.

House, Business or Land Blessings/Clearings:
A process where I use a combination of prayer, burning sage and other elements appropriate to the situation to perform a blessing and or clearing.  $50 per hour.

Ear Coning/Candling:
Ear coning or ear candling has been a long Native American tradition.  Primarily done to clear and balance the ear through therapeutic smoke.  I use the finest ear cones available and the process takes about an hour and is a very relaxing experience.  $40.

Astrological Services:
Astrological Birth charts, as well as progressions and relocations can be done.  Whether you are looking for just the charts and or charts and reports, I can accommodate you with whatever astrological information and referrals you may need.  Please call for prices as they are dependant on service.

Water dowsing:
I have performed water dowsing for several land owners without difficulty.  It is an extensive but accurate process that I learned from the former president of the American Association of Dowsers.  $50 per hour.

Gift Certificates for an Hour Psychic Reading:
A gift certificate is a great way to treat someone to the ultimate gift of knowledge.  Once payment has been processed, I will send out your gift certificate to your recipient or directly to you.  $75.  Please allow a one week lead time.