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Tarot Readings:
My tarot readings last approx. 1 hour and are not done in the traditional way. It is not recommended that these readings be done more than 3 times a year maximum.
Cost: $75

Angel Readings:
These readings consist of written messages
channeled through me to the client. It is recommended that the client be present but not necessary.
Cost: $60

Group Psychic Sessions:
Done every other month. Sessions are limited to 2-3 personal questions and/or pictures. Limited to 5 participants. Must R.S.V.P. and pre-pay.
Cost: $25

5 Card Specific Reading:
30 Minutes. This type of reading addresses the most asked questions during a session. I will specifically give you one message relating to: career/job, love life/relationships, family/home life, health and self.
Cost: $45

Psychic Development Workshop:
These classes are scheduled twice a year, depending on participation and availability. The course consists of 6 hours of intensive, hands-on training for a total of 3 sessions. This course is an introduction into the psychic realms. A basic course as to the who, what and how’s of tapping into yourself and bringing forth your abilities. Everyone has psychic ability, this workshop will help you recognize your gifts so that you can enhance your life. Call for dates.
Cost is $300

Please call for dates and times of classes.