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I have much experience with various forms of intuitive readings.  Judee’s message to me came through without doubt, which is a refreshing experience in comparison to other readings that I have received in the past. Judee spoke to my sometimes hidden heartfelt knowledge, and truth resonated throughout our entire conversation.  She provided me with information that only I would know, and feel, without any prompting from me.  No squirming in my gut!  Judee may not even be aware, but she encouraged me and validated what my heart and soul knows to be true, in that, she gave me the permission that I couldn’t give myself to believe in my intuition, and run with it. The truth is there, and Judee will find it for you. I am grateful…and at peace.
  ~  Tammy, New Jersey

I have had at least 3 spiritual readings from Judee.  I wrote everything down as she was telling me.  I have gone back to her readings and it was scary how accurate her visions were.  She told me that I would travel, and at the time I thought, “yeah, right.”  I ended going to Europe that year.  She also told me I would meet someone from out of the area, (at the time I was living in NM).  I met someone from Colorado and ended up moving away from NM and am now living with my man in Colorado.  She also told me to address a cough that my sweetie was suffering from.  She told us not to wait if something came up or got worse with his cough.  He ended up having an endoscopy procedure and find out it was moderate to severe acid reflux disease.  Judee has been a God send for me and I always enjoy talking to her and having her do readings for me.  She is the real deal and I am grateful for her gift. 
~  Heather Newton, CO

I have had both types of readings from Judee.  The 30 min. specific reading was more straight forward and to the point but was the same quality as the 1-hr.  I think I enjoyed the longer 1hr reading because she goes on to other things that I might not have thought to ask about. I feel that the 1hr reading allows you to venture more into talking about close people around me & not just focus on me initially. I enjoy hearing about loved ones.  She told me that my boyfriend was listening & starting to speak up more. And guess what???? That very same evening he filled me in with all kinds of information about his son, in general & with school. OMG! What a break through! He finally made me feel like I could be a part of his son’s life.   This was a big assurance for me :) Thanks.  As always you are amazing!!!!!!!! 
~  R.M., Kenner, Louisiana

Judee has done several sessions with me.  I cannot express how she has been there for me through such trying times in my life.  She knows when I call, it’s my cry for help, and boy has she been there with me!!  Her truthful outlook has really helped me.  Even not so nice news from her guides to me, has a pleasant twist that makes you feel like everything will be OK.  I truly value her guidance and I CANNOT thank her enough for all she has done for me.  She really has a gift that is so unique!  Love her……
~  T..from Sunny California!

The guidance that I have sought out over my many years has not compared to my one experience with Judee Lund.  She knows more about you than you know about yourself!!  I really felt the connection between her and the angels/guides she gets her messages from.  I liked that she didn’t prompt me with questions and she just told it like it was!  Her honesty combined with a complete humble kindness has won me over.  She is the only person I will go to when I want a true look at insights for the future. 
~  M.K., Las Vegas, NV

While I have had the opportunity to visit many psychics over the past decade or so, no one else stands out like Judee Lund. I have had the benefit of having in-person and phone readings with her. She is truly gifted and accurate in her readings, which have provided me with much support, guidance and confidence.  In the readings that I have had with Judee, she has read into many facets of my life and has been “spot on” in many of her predictions.  For example, Judee predicted that I would be going on travel for training. There is no way she could have known this. 
     Additionally, she cautioned me to monitor my tax situation as she anticipated potential problems in this area. Thank God!  My mortgage company paid my taxes in an unanticipated timeframe which impacted my ability to claim the taxes paid in the appropriate year. That wasn’t all. Shortly thereafter, I discovered that there was some type of systems error between my place of employment and the state tax department.  I so was grateful to discover this and adjust my withholdings accordingly until things were rectified.
     During one of my readings, Judee cautioned me that I would be having some trouble with my lawn mower.  I jokingly laughed that off as I had just spent several hundred dollars having it overhauled. Wouldn’t you know it, she was spot on again. I soon after discovered that I needed to replace the mowers battery and broke a belt. Her accuracy was incredible.
     In terms of career insight, Judee reassured me that I was doing what I was meant to do, but she clearly picked up on my desire to accomplish more.  She provided me with some recommendations on what steps to take next in this regard. More to come on that.
     While I historically haven’t been the easiest individual for psychics to connect with, Judee was successful. She shed light on the protective wall that I have established for myself over the last few years.  Judee addressed some of the struggles and barriers I have encountered in relationships over time, without prior knowledge of my love life. In her direct and “to the point” insightful approach, she provided me with heartfelt recommendations on how to get myself out on the dating scene again.
     Judee has demonstrated an outstanding ability to connect with source and is extremely creditable in her psychic abilities. I have had many friends who have also had readings with Judee and they too have been astonished by her accuracy.  I myself look forward to having many more readings with Judee over the years to come. 
~  Cheryl M., Colchester, CT

Judee is the real deal! Not only is she an incredible person, caring, and sensitive, she has a true gift. It was so special to know that people who had ‘moved on’ were surrounding us and wanting to share special little messages…my Hungarian grandmother was quite out spoken and was showing Judee flat cakes, known to us as polichinta, to describe who she was. I knew she was there. 
Messages from the past, news of the future and heartfelt truths about where I was now made it an incredible experience!

Thanks Judee…and I got my rings back that were missing!
Sherry Mackay, Ontario, Canada

I had a phone reading with Judee Lund, and was lucky enough to have an in person reading a few months later along with her Angelspeake class.   She was able to easily connect with my energy, and my loved ones and her readings were both extremely accurate and very insightful. Her Angelspeake class was a “must take”.   I learned how to easily connect with my Angels and am now receiving wonderful messages from my Angels and guides.

Thank you Judee. 
Andrea L.  PA

I believe you did my reading this past October.  Although we are cousins we just got back in touch after decades of no contact.  You knew I was sad and alone and gave me good advice.  You knew personal details about me and my ex (who you never met) but you knew her brother had died and other details.  You cautioned me that one of my nephews would jeopardize his job due to alcohol, and two months later my nephew was fired for drinking beer while at training but on work time.  He wasn’t the nephew I was thinking would get himself in trouble, so next time I am emailing everyone! 

I really think you are truly gifted and I wish you the very best!  
Dominica M., NY

Judee was so in tune with my sense of being.  Everything that came to me from her reading has been as she said it would be.  I am looking forward to seeing her again.

J. Moore, San Diego, CA

I had two occasions to observe Judee Lund. The first was a group session with three people and she was right on with all of us.  There was specific, accurate info given to each of us. The second was a phone reading and her info was right on again. She told me things past ,present and future. I have given her business cards to friends.  She is on the top of my list! 

Thanks Judee for all your insight. 
Julia R., PA

I was blessed to meet Judee this past September and attended a group class she led with 2 other Angelspeake people.  Prior to this I had only heard vague things about Angelspeake.  Judee’s enthusiasm and energy involved me in the discussion and group activities, I found this was something I could work on and enjoy, as well as benefit from in all aspects of my life, especially in times of worry or stress.

I later had some healing energy work done by her and am unable to fully or accurately describe the sensations I had during the healing but can only say when it was completed I felt as if  my entire body had received the warmest and most comforting hug.

Kathy Miles
Columbus, Ohio

 Judee has given my family and me remarkable insights over the years. At times she has been able to fill in missing pieces of the puzzle with remarkable accuracy or give a glimpse into the future that has allowed us to make better decisions.  If you ever had any doubts that there is a fullness to "the other side" of life, doubt no more.

Pam O., Ramona, CA

 Judee Lund has done several readings for me and she is very accomplished in her psychic skills.  She has helped me with medical and emotional messages.   It is great to have someone who can clarify or verify something going on in my life so I can make informed decisions and choices in this life.

Sharon B, NM

Judee, I’d like to thank you for my Angel Reading I had with you.  My questions were answered and much more.  I also felt the healing in me immediately and how the calm waters are ahead of me.  You also gave me the information on vitamins that I have been searching for.  I am amazed how I felt after seeing you.  You are a gift from God sent to people to help them and guide them.

Raija R., San Diego, CA

I’ve taken a number of Judee’s classes & really have enjoyed then.  She makes them fun & explains the subject well.  I hope to take another class soon!! 

Dawn H., CA

It’s remarkable how accurate your readings are!!  Everything is right on.  I’ll be talking to you within the next couple of months, if not sooner.  We are both seeking our directions & can’t beat the success you’ve had & the comfort/confidence you offer.
B. Miller, San Diego, CA

Can I say “wow”.  I’ve had a total of 8 readings over the past 4 years with Judee.  I’ve taped or taken notes with every one and I have to say that 97% of what she said came true or happened.  Example:  one reading I had with Judee, a deceased friend from years back came thru.  I did not know Judee when my friend David was alive nor did I talk about him to her.  David started saying things to Judee that only he said to me when he was alive.  I was in awe of what was happening.  The next five months went by and everything from David speaking through Judee came true and it was all good and lessons learned.

I have been to other psychics in the past, but no one else I have been to, has given me what Judee has. 

Christopher G., Oklahoma City, OK